Sitemap - 2022 - Nedra Nuggets

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Learning to Manage Our Expectations

Be The Change You Want to See

Parting Ways With Grace

Creating and Blending Traditions

Are You Hard to Talk To?

Exciting News!!!

Change Is Inevitable, Stop Fighting It

Taking Time Away From Our Phones

Talking to the Person in the Mirror

Show and Tell People You Love Them

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Embracing Gentle, Drama-Free Endings

Take the Time to Celebrate Yourself

Making Space for More Than One Truth

Let’s Stop Gratitude-Shaming Each Other

The Importance of Living in the Moment

Being Gentle With Yourself in Real Time

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Everything Isn’t Meant to Last

The Truth is Forgiveness is Freedom

If You Feel Something, Say Something

Learning to Speak Each Other’s Language

The Problem With Constant Connection

How to Find Harmony While Adulting

The Importance of Expressing Ourselves

How to Keep Yourself From Being Passive-Aggressive

Letting People Be Who They Are

Love Doesn’t Make You a Mind Reader

Is Imitation Really a Form of Flattery?

Faux Positivity Will Get You Nowhere

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Some Rules Are Made to be Broken

It’s Your Life and You Can Cry If You Want To

If You’re Qualified Then You’re Not an Imposter

We Don’t Have to Be One Thing

You Don’t Need to Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up:

Is It Ever Ok to Gossip?

Creating a Life That Works for You:

The Gift and Curse Of Being a Helper:

We Need to Stop Playing the Comparison Game:

Having Big Conversations With Little People:

Holding Space For Our Feelings and the Feelings of Others:

The Hard Truth is You Can’t Save Everyone:

What Does It Actually Mean to be Rude?