Love this! I think it can be so hard when we change a lot but the people who have known us forever aren't able to see or appreciate that change. My old therapist helped me have empathy for that situation by pointing out that it can take time to catch up because they have spent so much time with the older version of you! So now I try to show the change instead of getting mad when they don't see it right away.

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I love this. So true. Something I think our society has lost sight of are two things: Imperfection and redemption. People aren't perfect. Not by a long shot. We're deeply flawed, often wounded, a strange mix of selfish and giving, compassionate and greedy, loving and cruel. We forget that we're just mammals with metacognition. We change. We grow. We evolve. We trip over ourselves. We make dumb mistakes. I wrote about that here: https://michaelmohr.substack.com/p/life-mistakes

No one is perfect and no one stays the same forever. Even the worst people do good things sometimes if given a chance. And most of us aren't the worst. We're just messy and human.

Michael Mohr

"The Incompatibility of Being Alive"


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Hi Nedra. Again, your energy is felt over here. The title “Allow People to Change” is the most important relationship challenges I have. Beautiful reminder for me. Change is good🙃🙃🙃

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This is so true. When my dad was alive he always referred back to things I said, and did as a child as if I was that same person. “I knew when you gave your money to your cousin to buy candy you’d never be good with money” “dad! I was five what did you expect me to do with money??” “I bet if you get a car you’re going to just drive around eating pizza with your friends!” “Dad I was 12! I’m an adult now and I need a car so I can commute to work safely!” Those comparisons really angered me. He couldn’t see who I had become. Thank you Nedra for the reminder to not do this to my own child lol

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Crossposting this gem. Thank you 🫶

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Love this share Nedra. I’m realising that who I am is fluid. 10 years ago I was an entirely different human because of the circumstances life had presented at the time and the period of growth I was going through. I did what I thought was best based on my level of consciousness at the time. The more I’ve leaned into my intuition and followed my souls path, the more awareness I’ve gained about who I am each step of the way. As a result, the dynamic of my relationships shift too.

Life is really a series of mini births and deaths. A constant rediscovery of who I am as I walk my path.

Thank you for all the time and energy you put into the work you do to make this world a brighter place 😊🙏🏽

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